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World of Pics and Mysteries

Time by time I hear the call to go out and visit other people's websites of riding content. Not primary for "watching competition", it's simply because I'm a real fan of my own and I'm of course nosy how some others do things. And why not take chance to find pleasant stuff without need to produce by myself! But when coming home I'm usually halfpart disappointed and reassured because of: No, they are NOT better than my Riding Ladies :)
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I'm a great fan of pics, so I take of course an especially close look on pic funds. And it's fascinating to meet biggest disappointment at a certain site, promising the uppermost of all. Reality is sobering, also you should positively avoid to contrast advertised and real volume of content. But a nice phenomenon is, that the advertised number of pics seems always growing identic - or better some little higher - to real existing content of Riding Ladies pics.
For 2016 I target now the mark of 70.000 pics. So please make an educated guess who will soon claim to have 75.000... I think there is no need to tell a name :)
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Riding Ladies Solid Currency: At the live counter to the left of this column you can everytime follow the exactly volume of our content of clips and pics! Just for a funny mathematical experiment: If we would part up our (soon) 200 hours of movie stuff in snippets of each two minutes..., we could advertise to offer "6000 clips"... WOW! But we will not do that, even if we therefor have to bury every wet dream of being "the greatest" :)
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Movies at large

Of course I know that most of riding fans prefer to see movies. So Riding Ladies will continue to give their best to produce enjoyable video clips! It's impossible to please all the fans with many different personal preferences, but only if we can be confident of our work - we can do it really best. Intention of our work and this website is bringing fun to related souls - and our own - not making money! Every earned Dollar and Euro is to be re-invested in new stuff! >> Get a recent donkey clip

Sonja - The Restless Spirit of Riding Ladies

There would have been no Riding Ladies at all - without her, not in the current state. True caring horsekeeper, sensitive camera woman, patient assistant and teacher to less experienced riders - and a most brillant rider by her own. All that is our Sonja in one person. No wonder that she has been over the years the most busy Riding Lady of all. Last summer she started own family, with our true congratulations!
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